Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pampered Self

I love dressing up and being colorful. And I guess one of the simplest ways you can jazz up an outfit is with nail color. So when I was asked by Nail Spa Lounge to try their services, I was more than willing to check it out.

The shop is located on the 5th level atrium in Megamall, so its fairly easy to spot. As far as first impressions go, it goes without saying its plush and comfy. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that their services were affordable, competitive with other nail spas.

*waiting area where you can select your nail polish; lots of ORLY and OPI colors at no extra cost :)

*super comfy seats while you wait, beverages are even offered to your liking.

*main pampering area :) super comfy velvet seats with large ottomans. Also love the sinks at the floor should you need to soak your feet.

They started my day off with the Prima Donna Foot Spa Pedicure. A 40 minute bliss that involves foot soaks, scrubs, masks, lots of massage and of course a great pedicure :)

*After soaking for a few mins, my feet were lightly scrubbed to smoothen it out

*My calves were then massaged with an exfoliating scrub and then later on applied with a cooling mask. This was heaven :)

*Lots of massage followed after and then they slipped my toes into these cute booties that are heated and massage your feet even more, while they proceed with the pedicure

*Et voila! Clean and pampered feet with a fresh coat of polish im even proud to call my own =))

For my tips, I was treated to the Duchess Basic Manicure. Its a 25 minute basic treatment that will whip your nails into tip top shape.

I personally wouldn't have thought my nails could get any prettier (with nail polish of course!) but Ms. Shiela recommended that I try out their Nail Extensions. My nails aren't really solid candidates for long nails, so this made me really excited to try out the service :)

Cris, the one who did my extensions started out finding the perfect match of extension to my nails and shaping it accordingly. She then glued it, cut it to size, filed meticulously and then applied layers of clear gel to even the extension to the base of the nail making it look natural.

When everything was dry and done, a fresh coat of OPI Pink Flamenco was applied to my now prettified and longer nails. For one who has always had short nails, it was a bit getting used to. The extension lasts between 2-3 weeks depending on care. I would still need to come back to have them removed. They slightly fragile after 3 days since treatment, but you can easily come back for touch-ups in case it breaks. :)

Also, for a nail polish loving person that I am, Nail Spa Lounge has a personal file of all its clients that keeps track of all the nail polishes you've used before just in case you want to re-use a color. Factor that type of customer care, with the ambient setting and great service, this is definitely one of the best nail spa experiences I've had. =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A few weeks ago, I got addicted to again after revisiting the site. For those who are not familiar with the site, its a DIY place where you can style your own look, with a wide array of models, background and of course clothes :)
Here are some of my looks:

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