Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have I-lash!

Lots of them!

Some girls need to be in dresses/skirts/lacy lingerie/the arms of a tall dark and handsome man to feel womanly. I've never been "one of the boys" and I've never needed any help getting in touch with my femininity, but there is one thing that makes me feel even girlier it would have to be pretty eyelashes that I can bat incessantly until I get my way. Sad to say I wasn't born with thick, sooty lashes like a cow's, so thank God for falsies.

I had half a mind NOT to mention this to anyone. Would one brag about a nose job or a boob job? But I'm not really fooling anyone, am I? They're too pretty to be real.

I picked "fine and medium length" imagine what "mascara and heavy" must look like!

I had mine done at I-lash Salon in Eastwood. It had me on my back, eyes closed for nearly two hours, but it was worth it. :) Big shout out to Yeng, the owner/manager and a very good friend of mine.

Our first blogging award!

Thanks to Not Just Another Blonde in Beijing
for giving us our first blogging award. Will pass this award to a few others in later posts. <3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I made a dress! Albeit from scraps and not from scratch. This is actually a patchwork of 3 different outfits. Hand-sewn, by the way, since I'm scared of sewing machines. See, during my christening it was foretold that before my 16th birthday I am going to prick my finger on a spindle in a spinning wheel and fall into a deep slumber -- Oh wait, that's not me.

wearing assorted pearl necklaces and a cage-y Banana Republic silver pumps (Ysa says it's gold. We had quite a debate over it. It's SILVER, I tell you!). Truth be told, I'm not really in love with them. They look like prom shoes from 2002! That's the year I had my prom so I know! 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo Tuesdays

Saw these amazing images online (you have to forgive my memory since i forgot where exactly), but for the purpose of simply sharing aren't they gorgeous?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lounging around

It's saturday afternoon. Woke up late from a night of merrymaking and dvd marathon. hungover from repeatedly pronouncing "JULIA CHILD" ala Meryl Streep. Wandered round kc's house and thought of making the most of her organized chaos.

Dress: circa 1980's borrowed from her mom's closet. Photo: moi.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red, Neutral, White and Blue

Just snapped a few of my favorite pairs of shoes, colors seem a bit patriotic dont you think? Might as well use and abuse these shoes rather than letting them rot in the box and finding them unuseful, no?

Red patent t-strap heels from Red Herring (Debenhams)

Neutral pumps from Zara

White Gladiator heels from Matthews

Blue suede-ish flats from Schu

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost your muchness, have you?

Life has been both tough and good to us, either way Im glad to call you my friend.
Happy 24th Kace!

Tom Munro

I recently discovered a new love for Tom Munro when I stumbled upon his works on ...really stunning work and what a portfolio! Its not overstated and not overthought, just darn good.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Photography Inspirations

Just want to share these great pics i found (not sure though where) but loved it for the great styling and over-all feel. :D

Declaration of Romantic Intent

Valentine's is over, but it doesn't mean you cant be extra sweet to your partner right?
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