Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I made a dress! Albeit from scraps and not from scratch. This is actually a patchwork of 3 different outfits. Hand-sewn, by the way, since I'm scared of sewing machines. See, during my christening it was foretold that before my 16th birthday I am going to prick my finger on a spindle in a spinning wheel and fall into a deep slumber -- Oh wait, that's not me.

wearing assorted pearl necklaces and a cage-y Banana Republic silver pumps (Ysa says it's gold. We had quite a debate over it. It's SILVER, I tell you!). Truth be told, I'm not really in love with them. They look like prom shoes from 2002! That's the year I had my prom so I know! 


  1. wow I love it!! It looks great! seriously awesome :) I can't even sew on a button so I'm way impressed.

  2. Love this LBD... I really love the sheer fabric ^^ I really need to learn how to sew ^^ dang! I can but not that good... ^^ love the blog :)

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. We plan to share all of our sewing (mishaps) er...projects in the future :)

  4. Thanks kids. I'm nowhere near good a seamstress! I was literally in danger of coming apart by the seams when I wore it for an affair!

  5. BTW, I passed on a blogging award to you, check out my blog for more info!


  6. Love the multi-strand necklace! Great post :)



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