Friday, April 2, 2010

go ahead and jump(suit)!

When the most recent reincarnation of the skinny jeans broke into the scene I swore I'd never fall victim to it. I said the same thing about the leggings and I held out for a really, really long time. Fast-forward several years later most all my jeans are skinny and when I'm not wearing any of them chances are I'm in leggings.
Some time last year I also swore to never wear rompers and it's crazy sister, the jumpsuit after Ysa and I tried on identical pairs of rompers at Kamiseta (she got red and I got yellow) which I thought made us look like the Teletubies with slightly more whittled waistlines.

The trend has lasted longer than expected so I decided to give it another chance.

The jumpsuit is a relic from the 80s (my mom's) but the top part was originally this striped, 3/4 and poufy sleeved disaster that made me look fat. I cut it off and replaced it with a black, leotard-like tank. Vest from People are People; shoes from The Ramp.

I'm still never-ever wearing acid wash jeans!

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