Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kc, Myself and Mr. Jones

Last week Kc decided that she wanted to get her hair digitally permed. In the process she treated me to a volume rebond at Simon Kim's salon in Makati.

Kc's hair was initially straightened out from her previous perm, before they could have it permed again.

Et voila: The new us :) Pardon us for not including before and after pics. A few hours after that, we headed to Mr.Jones at Greenbelt 5 for some gastronomic session.

Kc had the mac and cheese with 4 different cheeses, 3 different types of macaroni and truffle oil.

I had the meat loaf wrapped in bacon and smothered with lots of mashed potatoes.

Our dessert was two dogs in a bed. Franks in a bun with sauerkraut, with fries :)


  1. the curler is scary.. like cerebro in xmen.. only more alien. haha!! love your bob.

  2. dude delete my last picture please. I get annoyed when I look at it. I imagine other people do too!

    And yes, the machine was scary. I felt like I was sentenced to death by electrocution!


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