Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Wars

I came across in refinery29, a great new site that takes a peek in the awesome closets of the beautiful and the famous.

Unfortunately, one Jennine Jacob had already started her own blog and called it, WAY BACK IN 2007!

As you can imagine, Jacob and her supporters weren't too happy about that and she told them so. It morphed into this really messy affair with both sides suing, or threatening to sue each other. Yikes. should really just change their name. It was hers first! Take to your twitter and support #teamjennine. :)


  1. if jenine's blog title is legally registered as a trademark, then she has a huge chance of winning this fight.

  2. Someone on my blog suggested the newcomers rename their site "The Curated" which I think is brilliant and describes their content rather well!


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