Monday, January 18, 2010


Meet Han Solo, a gift from my darling boyfriend. (I bet he finally got tired of lending me his camera. So, there, he got me one) I've never seriously messed around with a Canon DSLR before so I don't exactly know what all the buttons and the dials are for. I've sat-in on the basic photography lectures my boyfriend gives, but that was last year and I've forgotten. I'm partial  to manula focus. It reminds me of my dad's Nikon SLR that he gave me many, many years ago.

I hate the autofocus function! It wont, well, focus!!! For awhile I thought Hans (that's his nickname) was defective. Until my boyfriend showed me the secret of the little red dot. Everything's clear now. In more ways than one. I ought to start reading the manual.

I need a remote for this baby!

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